Myrawood’s Shop

I love making stuff. I mean really, really love making stuff! Beady stuff, yarny stuff, glittery, shiny stuff, all kindsa stuff! And I love teaching other people how to make stuff too. I’m blessed to live a creative life so I make stuff pretty much every day, all day when I’m not out teaching. But there’s only so much stuff one person needs, so I decided to combine a few things and open an Etsy shop that allows me to continually make things, share them with people who also love shiny, pretty glitteryness and help an amazing organization at the same time. 10% of the sale from any item in my shop will be sent to as a donation. After I was diagnosed I discovered BCO and learned as much as I could through their amazing resources. But more importantly, I connected with women from all over the world. We were able to comfort and share through the toughest times. I’m forever grateful so I want to say thank you and give something back so they can continue their good works, helping tens of thousands of women worldwide each year. Hope you’ll join me and help support this wonderful organization while treating yourself or gifting someone with a small treasure. Life’s too short not to spoil yourself or someone you love with a little bling.